2013 Dream Employers of BC

Your Insights on 2013 Dream Employer of BC

I am delighted to share with you the results of our Dream Employers of BC survey, released this morning in partnership with Business in Vancouver and Insight West

If you could work for any BC company, who would it be?

Dream Employers of BC

We are delighted to announce that Miles Employment Group are partnering with Business in Vancouver and Insights West to find the Dream Employers of BC.

Why Big Companies Use Talent-On-Demand ie Temps and Why You Should Too


Exit Stage Left: How you exit your job is just as important as starting a new one

There has been a lot of movement in the job market in Vancouver recently, which is a good thing as jobs are opening up again - Yeah!  When people change jobs it is important to remember to exit the one you are currently in with professionalism and grace.

5 Tips For Using Linkedin For Your Job Search

Linkedin is (for now!) the number one site used for professionals to connect with one another and it’s rapidly becoming a top site to search for a new job – does anyone else predict that it will take over job boards like monster?   Here are some quick tips on using linkedin for your job search and making inroads with the 100 million professionals currently using linkedin!

Is the perennial “War for Talent” prediction a myth or simply a delayed reality?

War For TalentI remember reading about the impending talent gap (way back in the 90’s!) that would occur when the baby boomers would all retire in giant waves and there weren’t enough youth to take over the jobs.    What were employers to do?  They needed to implement policies, strategies and programs to ensure succession planning for the next generation of workers entering their workforces.

everyone talks about employer branding but what about branding you?

Personal branding – it’s here – deal with it.  With the world of work in constant flux, high levels of competition for jobs and employers seeking innovative, smart, fresh talent what’s a job seeker to do? 

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website! After months of hard work we are finally able to share the fruits of our labour. There’s much to explore and still much to do, so check back regularly to see new updates, blog posts, and resources.