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The Miles Employment Group is proud to be one of the largest independently BC owned and Head Office based talent management, workforce planning, recruitment and staffing providers. Our passionate and expert customer service team is positively dedicated to the supply of exceptional talent and temporary workforce management systems to our public and private sector client’s diverse staffing requirements.

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Dream Employers, 24 Hours, 2015-27-01

Dream Employers; Interview on BC Almanac radio show, 2015-12-01

Dream Employers, Vancouver Sun, 2015-15-01

Dream Employers; Vancity Buzz, 2015-09-01

Dream Employers; News 1130, 2015-08-01

Dream Employers; CBC News, 2015-08-01


The Vancouver Sun, 2014-08-22

SMARTT: Digital Marketing Interview Series, 2014-04-15


Dream Employers; Huffington Post, 2013-12-04

Dream Employers; Global News, 2013-12-04

Dream Employers; Vancouver Sun, 2013-12-05

Business in Vancouver, 2013-11


Edmonton Journal, 2012-03-06

CKNW News, 2012-03-04 (select time at 6am. Story commences @ 6:15)

Burnaby Now, 2012-03-01

Saskatoon Star Phoenix, 2012-02-20

HR Voice, 2012-02-17

The Winnipeg Free Press, 2012-02-11

The Vancouver Sun, 2012-02-09

Calgary Herald, 2012-02-04


National Post Careers & HR, 2011-12-28 (PDF)

The Commerce Times, Fall 2011 (PDF)

People Talk, Fall 2011 (PDF)

The Calgary Herald, 2011-12-18 (PDF)

The Vancouver Sun, 2011-09-15 (PDF)

News 1130, 2011-09-15 (PDF)

Sounding Board, 2011-09-01 (PDF)

it World Canada, 2011-06-08 (PDF), 2011-05-17 (PDF)

The Vancouver Sun, 2011-05-01 (PDF)

Board of Trade, The Sounding Board, 2011-05-01 (PDF)

Main Street Practitioner, 2011-04-30 (PDF)

Consulting Magazine, 2011-04-28 (PDF)

Event Solutions, 2011-04-18 (PDF)

The Vancouver Sun, 2011-02-07 (PDF)

The Calgary Herald, 2011-02-07 (PDF)

HR.BLR.Com, 2011-01-20 (PDF)

Canada a magnet for international workers

Canada draws international workers


The Windsor Sun, 2010-12-27 (PDF)

HR Reporter, 2010-12-13 (PDF)

HR Reporter, 2010-12-01 (PDF)

The Vancouver Sun, 2010-11-30 (PDF)

The Vancouver Sun, 2010-10-22 (PDF)

Business in Vancouver, 2010-02-10 (PDF)

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