Interview with Sean Hougan from Lambda Solutions on Employee Engagement

Sean Hougan, Marketing Specialist, Lambda Solutions

  1. How is employee engagement defined or showcased in your organization?
    • Employee engagement at Lambda is defined by those who work with passion and feel connected to the company and their work. They see how their actions contribute Lambda’s mission and subsequently help to drive innovation and growth.
  2. Why do you think employee engagement is important?
    • At Lambda Solutions we believe employee engagement is important because it means that team members are happy, focused and passionate about the work that they do. When this is in sync, productivity, creativity and innovation soars. Employee engagement is also about empowerment at Lambda. We believe it is vital for employees to see and feel how they immediately impact Lambda’s success.
  3. What are some tips to increase and sustain employee engagement and performance?        
    • Creating a culture of openness and honesty is integral. At Lambda we ensure that employees feel comfortable to express their ideas and concerns with ease. This doesn’t just mean great ideas that will propel the company further. We also want to know if employees are unhappy so we can improve their experience at Lambda and support their aspirations.
    • It is also important to ensure that there are both formal and informal feedback loops in place. To sustain employee engagement and performance we utilize a 360 degree review process so that both managers and employees alike can understand their impact from a holistic perspective. As a boutique-sized firm we all work closely together—a 360 degree feedback loop ensures that we continue to push ourselves, our co-workers and our teams to “win as a village”.  

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