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Two-thirds of B.C.’s workforce experienced a horrible boss 24 Hours Vancouver

Today’s workforce has employees from four generations, and according to an employment expert, it’s becoming the biggest challenge for leadership moving forward.

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Mario Canseco: Today’s employees more willing to move on - Vancouver Sun

Half of B.C. residents, while not looking for a new job, would consider a new opportunity should it come up, a new survey suggests.

The number of employed who said they are looking for a new job right now increased from 10 per cent in 2013 to 15 per cent in 2014. The proportion of employee who had no plans to leave their current position fell from 47 per cent to 33 per cent in 12 months, according to the annual Dream Employer survey.

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A new survey ranks dream jobs for British Columbians  - News1130

It turns out if many of your had your way, you would work for the government. A new survey from Insights West outlines some surprising choices many of you would make as your ‘dream employer.’

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If you’ve got big dreams to work in one of B.C.’s top public or private sector companies, you’re not alone.

A recent survey by Insights West asking 3,328 British Columbians “If you could work for any company in B.C., who would it be?” revealed that there’s a very specific list of most desirable companies to work for in 2015.

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B.C.'s top 10 companies people want to work for revealedCBC News

If you could work for any company in B.C., who would it be? 

That's the question put to 3,328 British Columbians in a recent poll by Insights West in its second annual Dream Employer survey. 

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Be sure to check out CEO, Sandra Miles' interview on the BC Almanac radio show where she speaks about #DreamEmployer of BC.  Listen to the full podcast here!

The 2nd Annual Dream Employer Awards is a few days away!.  Come meet the winners as well as gain insights from a panel of experts who will share what it means to provide an engaged workplace that is able to attract and retain the best talent in B.C. Register here!